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    Room ‘Oh Là Là’

    On cloud nine. This is the feeling you’ll experience once you get in this room. Sunny and spacious, with glass walls and a modern décor, equipped with cool hi tech gadgets and overlooking the blue horizon. Our ‘Oh Là Là‘ Room is distinct all other luxury hotel rooms you’ve enjoyed.

    Actually, it’s not easy to describe such a gorgeous place that is much more than just ‘a room with a view’. If you’re trying to find the right words to describe it, we suggest just three: Oh Là Là.

    Room ‘Dolce Vita’

    It’s time to think about yourself. How happy, how easy, how exciting, how restful, how gratifying… is your life? Are you looking for a sweeter experience? This room may open the gate for you to reach your summit: la dolce vita, the sweet life, a culminating experience lived at the beachfront.

    If you like trendy rooms, this is the perfect one that combines a comfortable bedroom with an intimate living room. Definitely, the place beyond compare not only to dream but also to do anything you can imagine.

    Room ‘Sea Lovers’

    Hello! Welcome to one of our most charming hotel rooms, come in and make yourself comfortable. You’ve just got in a room that’s been specially created for (sea) lovers. Here you’ll realise that you can (read or) skip everything written in brackets because all the parentheses and pauses are for you and your (sea) loving delight.

    As well as all the unique experiences that will make you fall in love again. For example, awake with companionship (of the sea); or enjoy the magnificent Mediterranean views from your room’s terrace

    Room ‘My Way’

    This is just your style. You love being unique. You don’t mind what people think of you; you don’t need any approval; you are sure about what you want. Once more, you did it your way: you chose your favourite destination, an incredible hotel with modern rooms on the beachfront and close to Marbella Old Town. And you were lucky.

    This is your selection. The Room “My Way” is awaiting you and the person you want to share this holiday with.

    Room ‘I Was Here’

    It’s a matter of pride. All of us are proud of having been to these special places that are meaningful in our lives. Most of the hotel rooms can’t boast of being so relevant but the room “I Was Here” can.

    You’ll be in a confortable room that will make you feel like you are a part of the Amàre Hotel universe, an exclusive world where you are the main character and everything has been designed for your amusement and relaxation.