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Room ‘Oh Là Là The One’

Open mouthed. That’ll be you when you walk into this room. Its balcony, open to the full force of the Mediterranean’s nature, is absolutely stunning. Its interior is spacious, full of sunlight, with glass walls and modern decoration; small luxuries with the latest technology, exclusive amenities and you can even enjoy a tasty cup of Nespresso coffee.


Our “The One” guests can also enjoy a range of exclusive services designed especially for them: access to our Lounge with snacks and drinks from 11 am to 11 pm, and a relaxing water circuit every day at SPA by Germaine de Capuccini.


Without a shadow of a doubt, our “Oh Là Là The One” is different to any luxury room you’ve ever experienced. In fact, it wouldn’t be fair to say that it is simply a room with a view. Describing it is a real challenge; do you want to try?

Room ‘Oh Là Là’

Hi! Come in and make yourself comfortable. You’ve just walked in to one of the most charming rooms at Amàre Marbella. It’s a unique room because it brings together the two concepts that make up the word Amàre, and that form the essence of our brand: amor and mar.


Amor, or love, because its size, comfy pillows, light and the beauty of its “lifestyle” design; and mar, or sea, because from its gorgeous terrace you can enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the feeling of dipping in the tips of your toes. There are only three words that can come close to describing this room: Oh Là Là.

Room ‘Make it happen’

Some people don’t need to distinguish their dreams from reality because they’re able to turn their dreams into their reality. Our room ‘Make It Happen’ has been designed with these success stories in mind.


If you like trendy rooms you’ll definitely love this one. The pureness of its design and elegant decoration will recreate the perfect environment for a fabulous getaway from life’s routine into heaven. So, grab your chance to make it happen.

Room ‘Dolce Vita’

It’s time to think about yourself. How happy, how easy, how exciting, how restful, how gratifying… is your life? Are you looking for a sweeter experience? This room may open the gate for you to reach your summit: la dolce vita, the sweet life, a culminating experience lived just a few steps from the sea.


If you like trendy rooms, this is the perfect one that combines a comfortable bedroom with an intimate living room. Definitely, the place beyond compare not only to dream but also to do anything you can imagine.

Room ‘Keep the secret’

The intimate elegance of our ‘Keep the Secret‘ room is about to put you to the test. You won’t be able to resist sharing thousands of photos: its exclusive decorations, every ‘cool’ detail, and the charm only found in a room with a view of the Mediterranean… You’ll feel that every moment deserves thousands of ‘likes’.


Like a selfie dancing to the rhythm of your music, yours, that you choose, and that you listen to through the high-quality bluetooth speakers in the room. This, and many others, are unique emotions that you can only experience in such an exclusive environment as that of the Amàre Marbella hotel and its trendy rooms. Are you sure you want to keep the secret?

Room ‘My Way’

This is just your style. You love being unique. You don’t mind what people think of you; you don’t need any approval; you are sure about what you want. Once more, you did it your way: you chose your favourite destination, an incredible hotel with modern rooms on the beachfront and close to Marbella Old Town. And you were lucky.


This is your selection. The Room “My Way” is awaiting you and the person you want to share this holiday with.

Room ‘I Was Here’

It’s a matter of pride. All of us are proud of having been to these special places that are meaningful in our lives. Most of the hotel rooms can’t boast of being so relevant but the room “I Was Here” can.


You’ll be in a confortable room that will make you feel like you are a part of the Amàre Hotel universe, an exclusive world where you are the main character and everything has been designed for your amusement and relaxation.