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Senza Catene is a trio of three male singers, whose members are Daniel Díaz, Jaime García and Francisco Ortiz. The group was formed in Malaga in 2012.

Daniel is the singer who was first to begin his career in music. Switching between pop, ballads and easy-listening singing, this singer won the renowned Benidorm international festival before heading off for a short Latin American tour culminating in a performance at the “Viña del Mar” festival. In 2012 he got together with other musicians to form Senza Catene, where he provides a very expressive and forceful base to this group of singers.

They are known for their opera-pop fusion, with their versions of well known songs in their first album “The Power of Love”. José Olmedo and Marcos De Gracia joined in 2015 and adapted perfectly to the group, adding strength for live performances.

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