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Ibiza’s Adlib fashion style is among the icons of summer and one of the island’s creative references that cross international borders. Whether you land with your Ibiza-style outfit in your suitcase or prefer to look for it while strolling through a market or the narrow streets of the city centre, … Read More

Adlib fashion: where to get your Ibiza look

Ibiza’s Adlib fashion style is among the icons of summer and one of the island’s creative references that cross international borders. Whether you land with your Ibiza-style outfit in your suitcase or prefer to look for it while strolling through a market or the narrow streets of the city centre, you will definitely be interested to know how this fashion style was born and where you can buy it.


Adlib fashion has become one of the main symbols of Ibiza, to the point that nowadays weddings and parties are held in Ibiza style, that is, with a dress code for guests that requires men and women to wear white. However, this fashion is not only a question of colour, but also of craftsmanship and materials. If you want your photos of the most Instagrammable places in Ibiza  accompanied by an outfit to match the island, read on and take note of the best Adlib fashion shops in Ibiza.



What is the origin of Adlib fashion?


Adlib fashion Ibiza - Credit: JUNHAO /



In 1972, the Yugoslavian princess, Smilja Mihailovitch, a polyglot and journalist by training, promoted the so-called Adlib fashion style. It was a free and casual style inspired by the traditional garments of Ibizan women and the hippy aesthetic. The name she gave to this style comes from the Latin word ad-libitum, which means at will, a concept that is well reflected in the slogan she chose to define Adlib fashion: “Dress as you like, but dress with taste.” Half a century later, this style remains one of the island’s creative references, and is recognised on national and international fashion catwalks.


Beyond the aesthetic inspiration of typical Ibizan clothing, Adlib fashion also wanted to highlight the artisan textile work present on the island; rough but with details that fascinated the princess, such as embroidery and lace, and to which she brought lightness to adapt a garment with centuries of invariability to the hippie trends of the moment.



What is Ibiza’s Adlib fashion like?


Adlib fashion Ibiza - Credit: JUNHAO /


Adlib fashion is fundamentally based on the creation of comfortable and spacious garments made with 100% natural fabrics, preferably linen and cotton, and the inclusion of handmade crochet, ruffles, embroidery or lace. It is a fashion that vindicates Ibizan design and craftsmanship, which is expressed in clothing, footwear and jewellery.


And although the defining colour of Adlib Fashion is white, other colours have arrived to complement the collections presented each year during the celebration of the Pasarela Adlib, the fashion event created by Smilja Mihailovitch to showcase the style that paraded the essence of Ibiza all over the world.


Designers and Adlib fashion shops: where to buy


Adlib fashion Ibiza


Nowadays, the island has a large number of Adlib fashion designers whose creations can be bought from boutiques and multi-brand shops in Ibiza. Their names are a guarantee that you are buying a 100% Ibizan Adlib Fashion garment, although you will also find a wide range of shops where you can buy clothes, accessories and footwear inspired by it all over the island.


Adlib fashion designers with their own shop


Charo Ruiz

One of the most veteran and representative designers of Ibizan fashion.

Shops: Av. Bartomeu Ramon I Tur nº 3 – Ibiza; and c/Salvador Camacho s/n – Santa Eulària.

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Piluca Bayarri

One of the most established firms of Adlib Moda Ibiza, with sensual designs made of 100% cotton.

Shop: c/ sa Creu, 30 (Ibiza)

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Elisa Pomar

Elisa Pomar’s gold and silver work is inspired by the emblematic piece of traditional Ibizan jewellery: the emprendada.

Shop: Paseo de Vara de Rey, 5 y Castelar, 1 (Ibiza)

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Beatrice San Francisco

The designs of this brand were born in Ibiza and produced in Spain, following the criteria of slow fashion and local trade.  The main material in her collection is recycled cotton.

Shops: Paseo Vara de Rey, 7 – Ibiza, and Carrer de Vénda de Parada, 8B – Santa Gertrudis.

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Adlib Ibiza fashion


Vintage Ibiza

Alberto Serra Ramírez and José Antonio Marí Schroder are the creators of this brand that maintains the essence of the Adlib creations of the 70s and 80s.

Shops: c/ San Jaime, 73 – Santa Eulària, and Plaza de l’Esglèsia, s/n – Sant Carles

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Luis Ferrer

A veteran of Adlib fashion, his garments have been worn by many celebrities over the last few decades.

Shop: Plaza de San Telmo, 6 (Ibiza).

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Pepa Bonett

This designer maintains one of the fundamental principles of Adlib fashion in her collections: naturalness. Her garments are made in her workshop in Ibiza with 100% natural fabrics.

Shop: c/ de Balears, 6 (Ibiza).

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Multi-brand shops where you can buy Adlib fashion


Adlib fashion Ibiza


In the following shops, you can find the creations of brands and designers that do not have a boutique open to the public, such as Tony Bonet, Luisa Tur Adlib, Dolors Miró Senallons, Espardenyes Torres, Estrivancus, Ibimoda, K de Kose Kose, Monika Maxim and Virginia Vald.


Ad Libitum

C/ Bisbe Cardona, 10 (Ibiza).

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Bamba Ibiza

Antoni Palau, 5 (Ibiza).

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C/ de Sa Creu, 1 (Ibiza)

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Ibiza Das

c/ Manuel Sorá, 10 (Ibiza)

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