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Summer holidays involve intense emotions, but also a good dose of relaxation and reconnection with oneself. Especially on the White Island. That’s why practising yoga in Ibiza has become one of the most attractive plans for travellers who want to connect with the two faces of the island: the hedonistic … Read More

Where to practice yoga in Ibiza

Summer holidays involve intense emotions, but also a good dose of relaxation and reconnection with oneself. Especially on the White Island. That’s why practising yoga in Ibiza has become one of the most attractive plans for travellers who want to connect with the two faces of the island: the hedonistic and the spiritual. Will you join us to greet the sun?


Yoga brings together thought and action because its combination of postures exercises the body, promotes concentration and fosters an individual’s communion with their environment. Within the practice of yoga there are different modalities, the most widespread being Hatha Yoga, whose asanas, or body positions, seek to generate physical and mental balance in the individual.


Yoga in Ibiza


Finding relaxation of body and soul in Ibiza through yoga is possible thanks to the many quiet spots where you can practice outdoors, and the wide range of professionals and studios specialised in this discipline.  Although the number of experts has grown in recent years due to increased demand, the island has had a special link with yoga since the 1960s, when the hippies included the island in their spiritual route around the world, which also included Marrakech, Goa, Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok. Since then, the image of Ibiza as a magical place full of positive energy has continued to grow and remains to this day.


Why practice yoga in Ibiza on your holiday?


If you have not yet tried the ancient discipline of yoga, you can get started with its routines during your holiday in Ibiza. The practice of yoga is recommended by the UN and improves  the nervous system, concentration, blood circulation, muscle flexibility and joints. In addition to these benefits, it helps to improve balance, regulates stress and promotes correct body posture. If you already know how good it is for your body, you’re sure to be excited to practice yoga in Ibiza at the hotel, on the beach, on top of a cliff or in the silence of the Mediterranean forest.


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Places to roll out your yoga mat in Ibiza


On the White Isle you will find plenty of magical spots where you can enjoy a wonderful yoga session in the open air. Some are just minutes away from the hotel, while others can be the first stop on a fabulous drive through the north or south of the island. Below, we will share a selection of great places to practice yoga in nature in Ibiza.


Saladeta Cove

If you like to get up early and start the day with a yoga session by the sea, take your car to this satellite cove of Cala Salada, one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza. You can do yoga on the sand and take a relaxing swim in the crystal-clear waters afterwards.

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Aigües Blanques

A good way to start a trip to the east of Ibiza is by rolling out your mat in the morning on this wild beach overlooking the island of Tagomago. Another very attractive option is the path that leads to the neighbouring beach of Es Figueral, where you will see a plain with a beautiful panoramic view of the sea.

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Yoga in Ibiza, couple


Moscarter Lighthouse

Overlooking Mallorca on a clear day, this beautiful spot will allow you to combine hiking, yoga and a refreshing swim on your return to Portinatx. It is usually a very quiet place throughout the day, especially early in the morning, so you can do the sun salutation under the highest lighthouse in the Balearics in peace and quiet.

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Cala d’Hort Cliffs

Doing yoga with a view of Es Vedrà is a dream for lovers of this discipline. Especially at dawn, when it is completely quiet in this area. Another fabulous place to practice yoga at the beginning or end of the day is the Cala d’Hort beach huts.

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Yoga in Ibiza


Canal d’en Martí

You can do yoga on the platforms of the seamen’s huts located on the sides of this natural harbour or follow the path that leads to the Torre d’en Valls, one of the defence towers that dot the coast of Ibiza. You will find peace, solitude and views of the island of Tagomago.

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Sant Llorenç Recreation Area

For a yoga session in nature in Ibiza that also allows you to get in touch with the forest, head to this recreational area located in the interior of Ibiza, very close to the small village of the same name. If it is already 12:00 by the end of your session, we recommend that you have brunch afterwards in the pleasant garden of La Paloma.

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Group Yoga in Ibiza


Olivera Cove

This small cove hidden among the cliffs of Roca Llisa is a good spot for a morning yoga session, either at dawn or early in the morning. If you like snorkelling, take your goggles and don’t be in a hurry to change beaches.

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Sa Caleta

This group of dry dock huts, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, has several places where you can practise yoga in the open air by the sea. You can complete this plan with a swim at Es Bol Nou beach, next to which it is located.

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The rooftop of Amàre Beach

The roof terrace of our hotel is a fabulous place to practice yoga in Ibiza with views of the sunrise. You can do the session at your own pace or join the classes we organise for our clients first thing in the morning, several days a week.

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Types of yoga you can find in Ibiza and where to practise them


There are many yoga doctrines beyond hatha yoga, which is the most widespread. You can practice the following styles in Ibiza thanks to the wide range of studios and professional yoga experts: Vidhayoga, Ashram Ibiza, Yoga in Ibiza, Awa Yoga, Ibiza Yoga Point, Bliss Yoga… And also at Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza!



  • Kundalini yoga: this doctrine shares many postures with hatha yoga, although it is more physical and incorporates mantras and meditation as fundamental parts of its routines.
  • Integral yoga: this is a more introspective yoga which, as the name suggests, synthesises various types of yoga using asanas, breathing exercises and healing practices.
  • Sivananda yoga: based on hatha yoga, this style is characterised by slow movements, including relaxation, chanting, breathing techniques and an unvarying sequence of 12 asanas.
  • Ashtanga yoga: this doctrine contains elements of hatha yoga but requires a less leisurely, more fluid rhythm, where movements and breathing are synchronised in a fixed series of postures.
  • Viniyoga: this is a personalised type of yoga where the postures, which are the same as in traditional yoga, are adapted to the needs of the practitioner.
  • Vinyasa yoga: differs from hatha yoga in that it is less static with dynamic sequences that coordinate breath and movement.
  • Acroyoga: this style combines yoga, acrobatics and therapeutic massage.
  • SUP yoga: this method is the most appealing in summer, as the asanas are performed on a paddle surf board. A plan to practice in the bay of San Antonio.



Yoga sessions at Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza


Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza - Rooftop


Practising yoga in Ibiza by the sea sounds so good that we couldn’t miss the opportunity to offer this wellness experience to our clients. If you want to treat your body to the benefits of this discipline during your stay at our modern hotel in Ibiza, sign up for our morning classes offered several days a week and do the sun salutation on our terrace overlooking the bay. The sessions are designed to be enjoyed by both beginners and more advanced #yogalovers. So, don’t hesitate! Afterwards, you can take a relaxing dip in the pool or combine yoga with a Tibetan sound massage, available at our wellness centre by Germaine de Capuccini. #whatafeeling

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