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Relaxing on a Balinese bed with a refreshing drink during the day and dancing at night until sunset. Beach clubs are the centre of relaxation, fun and luxury on the Costa del Sol. On this coast, beach clubs are the best places to enjoy the good life, the sea, the … Read More

Discover the best beach clubs in Marbella and the Costa del Sol

Relaxing on a Balinese bed with a refreshing drink during the day and dancing at night until sunset. Beach clubs are the centre of relaxation, fun and luxury on the Costa del Sol.

On this coast, beach clubs are the best places to enjoy the good life, the sea, the music and the mild climate, since the good weather remains in Málaga even in winter. So, even at this time of the year you can find some of the best beach clubs in Andalusia at your disposal. Some transform at night into discos and night clubs where you can enjoy the best cocktails in a glamorous setting. So, if you travel to the Costa del Sol be sure to make a stop at a Marbella beach club, since these are top-level refreshment stalls where a privileged location, the best atmosphere of the moment, good music, fabulous drinks and perfect gastronomy are in abundance.

Their magnificent amenities and safety are an attraction for thousands of tourists from around the world who visit this part of the Mediterranean each year to enjoy a unique climate.

Among the multiple amenities in this Malaga town, beach clubs are undoubtedly one of its best offerings. Who can resist?


Nikki Beach (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Nikki Beach Marbella


Nikki Beach is a Marbella venue renowned internationally for its beach front luxury. It’s just 15 minutes from the city centre and oozes glamour from every nook and cranny. During the summer it’s a meeting point for high society and glossy magazine celebrities, who sip champagne while topping up their tans; during other seasons it’s the perfect place for a coffee beside the sea. In the evening, the venue hosts international DJs who play funky house and Latin rhythms. An elegant space that has become a symbol of the city of Marbella.

Playa Hotel Don Carlos, Carretera de Cádiz, Km 192, 29600 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 83 62 39
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Amàre Beach Club (Marbella)


Amare Beach Club Marbella


Amare Beach is a private enclosure on the shores of the Mediterranean, capable of awakening your five senses. This establishment is full of elegance and calm so you can relax your body and mind. Its cuisine is exquisite and the feelings you can experience beside the sea are inexplicable. Enjoy its music, ambience, services and people. A unique experience only available at this spot.

Paseo Alfonso Cañas Nogueras, 29603 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 76 84 15
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Ocean Club (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Ocean Club Marbella


International cuisine and cocktails at a select terrace-club with white and wood tones, with a swimming pool. This is Ocean Club Marbella, an epicentre of luxury known internationally for its summer champagne parties. During this time of year you can sample the best recipes from all over the world, or have a coffee with sea views while you read a good book. Any activity is a thousand times better in such a chic environment.

Avenida Lola Flores, S/N, 29660 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 90 81 37
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Trocadero Playa (Marbella)


Trocadero Playa Marbella


Trocadero Playa is certainly the coolest place in Marbella. We are talking about a high-level refreshment stall open 365 days a year with a fun international atmosphere, which is guaranteed given its location.

Here you will find a place designed for enjoying good food, relaxing with a good book, listening to music or trying the best cocktails as you sit on the beach and enjoy the sunsets from the chillout zone. You will of course need to book in advance.

Playa de Santa Petronila, 29610 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 610 70 41 44
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Trocadero Arena (Marbella)


Trocadero Arena Marbella


Like Trocadero Playa, we are talking about a place open every day of the year. This club is split into several spaces depending on what you are going to do. Trocadero is located in the heart of the Golden Mile, one of the coolest enclaves in Marbella.

Its gastronomic philosophy focuses on offering the best Mediterranean food with touches of fusion cuisine. On its menu you will find innovative dishes such as sushi, almadraba red tuna and lobster sashimi, although it also offers the traditional sardine skewers which always has to be on the menu.

Playa de Río Real Carretera N340 km 186, 29600 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 86 55 79
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Playa Padre (Marbella)


Playa Padre Marbella


You can find this beach club at El Cable, one of the most famous and popular beaches in Marbella. Its decor is Mexican in style so if you go, you will be surrounded by palm trees and skulls, a real treat. Here you can enjoy a fantastic day relaxing on its hammocks. Just remember that when night falls it becomes the place where you can enjoy the best musical performances.

Calle playa del cable, 29603 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 76 50 80
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Spíler Beach Club (Estepona)


Spíler Beach Club Estepona


Spiler Beach Club is a glamourous beach club right on the Mediterranean. Here you can enjoy the best specialities from the culinary world, from Argentinian grilled meats to fish, via oysters and the best seafood, to burgers. Enjoy a relaxing day lying on a hammock by the shore.

Autovía del Mediterráneo, km 159, 29680 Estepona, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 80 95 52
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Besaya Beach (Marbella)


Besaya Beach (Marbella)


This Marbella beach club is located at the Coral Beach Residential Complex, very near to Puerto Banús. It is the perfect place to enjoy tapas, a coffee, a fabulous cocktail or a delicious meal by the sea.

Its menu is inspired by traditional Mediterranean gastronomy, albeit with touches of nouvelle cuisine. This club is designed for relaxing, since it is the fruit of a combination of design for comfort and the best fun. Places designed for enjoying the best of the Mediterranean.

Urbanización Coral Beach Ctra. Nacional 340, Km. 176, 29602 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 77 72 99
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La Plage Casanis (Marbella)


La Plage Casanis (Marbella)


The perfect plan comes about with the help of La Plage Casanis, an amazing beach club that you will find on one of the most idyllic Marbella beaches: Real de Zaragoza.

Whether it be the cocktails, glasses of champagne, music or its setting by the sea, the concept that really moves this club is offering good gastronomy based on the quality of an incredibly good raw material that is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

Urbanización Golden Beach, Playa Real de Zaragoza, 29604 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 83 78 62
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Beach Club Estrella de Mar (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Beach Club Estrella de Mar


The gardens of the Estrella de Mar beach club span over 2500 square metres on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the perfect spot for this type of luxurious complex in Marbella. A space where you can relax and where, if you fancy it, you can play sport with a sea view at the purpose-built facilities. Relax, sip on a cocktail and be seduced by the beauty of this place. Don’t hesitate to visit if you’re on the Costa del Sol.

A/, km 190.5 Urbanización Estrella del Mar, desvío Urbanización Golden Beach, 29604 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 951 05 39 90
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Opium Beach Club (Marbella)


Opium Beach Club Marbella


This beach club is one of the referents in Costa del sol, for daytime and night-time leisure, since it is located at the foot of the beach, with incredible views of the Mediterranean and a modern design full of Balinese beds and exclusive reserved areas, this place has been able to combine perfect of an outdoor lounge-restaurant with a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, a meeting point within the international jet set and the beach club where you can enjoy the best music “played” by a cast of renowned DJ’s worldwide.

Carretera N340, Km 184, 29603 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 657 62 71 44
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La Sala by the Sea Beach Club (Marbella)


La Sala by the Sea Beach Club (Marbella)


Sala by the Sea Beach is Marbella’s first boutique style beach club. Located just a stroll away from the jet set at Puerto Banús, Sala Beach, as it’s known, is the perfect place for some shopping and having a coffee beside the sea. Its restaurant is ideal for romantic dinners and special lunches. But its highlight is without a doubt is its intoxicating aroma of salt.

Urbanización Nueva Andalucía Villa Marina, 29660 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 81 38 82
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Bono’s Beach Club (Marbella)


Bono beach Marbella


Just five minutes by car from the centre of Marbella is a special and magical beach club. If you like fusion cuisine, don’t hesitate to visit this unique spot. The beach is right beside you while you have lunch and provides a soundtrack for the most intimate moments of your holidays. It’s a perfect spot for the more creative among us, as having a coffee at this beach club awakens the imagination.

Urbanización Costabella, Av. Cervantes, s/n, 29604 Marbella, Málaga
T: (+34) 952 83 92 36
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Sonora Beach (Estepona)


beach clubs in Marbella - Sonora Beach Club


Sonora Beach is found on a beautiful beach between Estepona and Marbella; its enchanting Bali-style decoration is set in a relaxed environment. Here you can sample à la carte fusion cuisine at its restaurant. Its colourful sunshades will spice up your day and inspire contagious joy. If you visit the Costa del Sol, go and sample this charming beach club.

Urbanización Hacienda Beach 2, 29689 Estepona, Málaga
619 31 80 98
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Horno Beach Club (Torremolinos)


Horno Beach Club Torremolinos


El Horno Beach is the place where the party does not end. This beach club is located in the heart of La Carihuela, is a local surrounded by the Mediterranean and where you can enjoy many premium services such as free Wi-Fi, more than 200 hammocks, massage service, solarium and exclusive reserved for you to make the event what you want In addition, when the sun goes down, this place becomes one of the liveliest clubs on the coast where you can have cocktails or drinks while enjoying the best parties and night session is a pleasure for the senses.

Calle de la Playa, 46, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga
T: (+34) 951 90 91 27
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Finca Cortesín Beach Club (Casares)


beach clubs in Marbella - Beach Club Finca Cortesin - Image courtesy of


This beach club is found on Casares beach, and in a short time has become the city’s trendy place. Its more than six thousand square feet offer resting places to take sun baths and zones to enjoy of snacks or different drinks. Furthermore, if you would like to be calmer, Finca Cortesín offers you a VIP lounge with splendid gardens, Balinese beds and comfortable deck chairs around a spectacular infinity pool so you can enjoy of the beach in a more exclusive way.

Carretera N340, Km146, 29690 Bahía de Casares, Málaga
T: +34 952 93 78 00
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Bora Bora Beach Club (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Bora Bora Beach Club - Image courtesy of


Bora Bora is the excellency beach club. It’s found in the residential area of Linda Vista Playa, in San Pedro de Alcántara. This day club is one of the favorite sites of the ones that choose to spend their vacations in Costa del Sol. The mix of the beach, the outdoors, music and sculptural bodies create a very fun and unique experience, very difficult to describe with just words.

Urbanizacion Linda Vista Playa, 14, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga
T: +34 952 78 91 00
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La Cabane Beach Club (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - La Cabane Beach Club - Image courtesy of La Cabane Beach Club


La Cabane beach club is one of the most exclusive and elegant places in Costa del Sol. Its spectacular scenery and its modern and functional design make this place perfect to enjoy of a relaxing day and rest.
This beach club gives you the chance to experiment an unforgettable day as well, an exclusive zone, in one of the best beach clubs along the coast. Service with champagne bottles, refreshing towels, fruit plates, special commodities and personalized services complement this incredible VIP experience. It also offers direct access to the beach and free parking only for customers as well.

Calle Jabalí, 29603 Marbella, Málaga
T: +34 952 76 27 20
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Kokun Ocean Club (Torremolinos)


Kokun Ocean Club Torremolinos


Kokun, is the most famous and exclusive beach club of all the Torremolinos coast, here you can enjoy the best DJs and the coolest parties. This beach club offers customers everything they want since Kokun more than a chiringuito, a lounge bar or a nightclub is a philosophy of life and therefore we can only say that you cheer up and go to enjoy some of the festivities, guaranteed fun.

Paseo Marítimo, 20, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga
T: (+34) 664 23 34 64
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Mistral Beach (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Mistral Beach Club - Image courtesy of Mistral Beach


To talk about Mistral Beach is to talk about sculptural and tanned bodies, in one of the best beaches from the western side of Puerto Banús, enjoying of relax time while having a delicious cocktail under the palm trees shade while the best music cheers up the party…an authentic paradise.
Mistral is a beach club that offers an added value, it offers nautical sports, a zone of deck chairs and well cared umbrellas on fine sand and high-level food since the menu is very fresh and creative to take the most advantage of what there’s in the market.

Playa del Rodeo, s/n, 29660 Marbella, Málaga
T: +34 952 11 32 84
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Alabadero Beach Club (Marbella)


beach clubs in Marbella - Alabardero Beach Club - Image courtesy of Alabardero Beach Club


Alabardero Beach Club is found right on the middle of the beach in San Pedro de Alcántara, it has some spectacular scenery of the Peñon de Gibraltar and Morocco, therefore is the perfect choice to enjoy of a rest day for couples or friends, where the rice lovers find the right place.

En Alabardero Beach Club everything is thought to make up a pleasant environment, of which you can enjoy the 365 day of the year. Its big lookout to the Mediterranean, its garden with swimming pools or its indoors hall are perfect places to rest or allow yourself to be delighted by its delicious gastronomical proposal.

Urbanización Castiglione, s/n, 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga
T: +34 952 78 05 52
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