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Michelin star restaurants in Marbella offer quite a culinary experience where starters, lunches and dinners are the stars of the show. One of the cradles of haute cuisine can be found in this city, so if this is your chosen destination, eating in Marbella will be a true gift for … Read More

Discover Marbella’s most luxurious restaurants and enjoy its Michelin stars

Michelin star restaurants in Marbella offer quite a culinary experience where starters, lunches and dinners are the stars of the show. One of the cradles of haute cuisine can be found in this city, so if this is your chosen destination, eating in Marbella will be a true gift for your palate.

Here we reveal an extensive selection of the best restaurants in Marbella and its surroundings so that you can enjoy the delicacies of the area’s gastronomy and the cosiest settings.

Marblella’s Michelin star restaurants are booming, so we recommend you book early so that you don’t miss out on this gastronomic luxury.




Lobito de Mar Marbella


Dani García is one of the Andalucian chefs with several Michelin stars. Three of his restaurants were born in Marbella from his passion for cooking: Leña, Lobito de Mar and Bibo.

The luxury and the majesty of Dani García’s kitchens, as well as the decor of each one of his three culinary jewels are undoubtedly a gift for the palate and the eyes.

These three restaurants are a continuation of Dani García’s dream with three very different concepts.


Leña  Restaurant


Leña Marbella


This restaurant in Marbella was born from the chef’s dream to establish an unrivalled grill after much time cooking up this concept. This restaurant pays homage to grilled meat combined with the latest in cookery.

What’s more, Leña’s ambience and decor helped it win an award for the world’s prettiest restaurant at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2021 ceremony.

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Lobito de Mar Restaurant


Lobito de Mar Marbella


They call it the “Bar Resalao de Dani García”, honouring in each of its dishes the product par excellence of the area: fish. The varied menu of this restaurant in Marbella flies the flag for this star product to show the public the importance of its roots. The mix of the traditional with the latest culinary techniques and haute cuisine make Lobito de Mar one of Marbella‘s most important restaurants.

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Bibo Restaurant


BiBo Marbella


This restaurant’s concept was born from the chef’s travels around the world. Thanks to his innumerable trips, Dani García brings to Marbella the best of international cuisine. Bibo is a concept already established in cities like Tarifa, Madrid and London, and Marbella is its latest destination, where it will develop this very cosmopolitan concept which is about to take off in the Marbella area.

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Skina Restaurant


Skina Marbella


Whether sourced from the sea or in the mountains, all the raw materials used at this luxury establishment are top-quality local products from the province. Skina has become the world’s smallest restaurant to obtain a Michelin star: it has space for just 14 diners. It is precisely this intimate setting that gives the establishment its unique and astonishing exclusivity.

Marcos Granda and Jaume Puigdengolas head up a team of consummate professionals that spare no efforts each and every day to refine every last little detail. In this small establishment, seafood plays a particularly important role, depending on the season of each species, selecting only the very best from the Marbella market each morning. If you choose to visit this magical spot and want to try everything on offer, then opt for the Andalucian taster menu which includes red salmon, radish and fennel tartare; poached lobster, red quinoa and celeriac; and the spectacular loin of venison with goatsbeard. A unique culinary experience at the heart of the Costa del Sol.

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El Lago Restaurant


El Lago Marbella


El Lago has set the benchmark in terms of Andalucian gastronomy and boasts one Michelin star. However, what really sets this location apart is its enviable and spectacular views. An immense lake on a golf course provides the most chic of surroundings in which to take in a luxurious evening. It only opens at night, meaning that lighting plays a crucial role in this delight for the senses. Aubergine with pine nuts, cane honey, yoghurt and goats cheese; mille feuille of chicken in escabeche with foie and caramelised apple; and shoulder of Malagan suckling goat with vegetable tabbouleh and orange and soy yoghurt are just a few of the delights that you will encounter at this high-quality hideaway where signature cuisine is the star of the show. However, it is not all about the magnificent menu that blends unique textures and flavours, a wide selection of snacks is also available. If you are visiting Marbella, allow yourself to be captivated by this exclusive lake, where you will discover the absolute best of yourself.

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Messina Restaurant


Messina Marbella


Elegance and good taste are served up by the bucket-load at Messina Restaurante, another must-visit glamorous establishment in Marbella. Its red chairs are a distinguishing feature that also ensure diners enjoy the utmost in comfort. Sea urchin mi-cuit and celeriac root broth, sweetbreads and yuzu crème anglaise, or the exquisite Malagan suckling goat neck, crunchy payoyo and yoghurt, are just a few of the delicacies that you can find on the taster menu here. All washed down with the best sparkling, red, white, rosé or sweet wines on offer.

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Aside from these restaurants that have been awarded Michelin stars, Marbella has other haute cuisine establishments that you will love. Style, design and good taste are on display at other luxurious places that you must visit.



Ta Kumi Restaurant


Ta Kumi Marbella


Toshio Tsutsui and Álvaro Arbeloa are two prestigious chefs who take the reins at Ta kumi, a space in which culture and Japanese-inspired fusion cooking unite. Its minimalist Oriental decoration and sobriety bestow the establishment with a sense of elegance that is reflected in its dishes. White fish sashimi, sea bass or sea bream teppanyaki, avocado futomaki, a range of tempura, countless sauces and the fusion of the best of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine make this restaurant a reference point.

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Don Quijote Restaurant


Don Quijote Marbella


In the fresh and rustic environment of Don Quijote, diners indulge in the best of national and international cuisine. Starters are a worth special mention at this establishment. In this regard, make sure not to miss out on the delicious black hoof Iberian ham and Manchego cheese with melon, in addition to the fried Camembert with red onion jam and spinach salad with grilled foie and sautéed seasonal fruits. Tempted? Then for your second course, enjoy the fine dining on offer at this haven trying either the duck confit with sautéed potatoes and red wine and red berry sauce, or the grilled salmon with mustard and fresh fennel sauce A luxury establishment presided over by one of the most renowned figures of Spanish literature, Don Quixote of la Mancha.

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Villa Tiberio Restaurant


Villa Tiberio Marbella


Imagine a Roman villa surrounded by expansive gardens serving up the very best of Italian cuisine. This is exactly what is on offer at Villa Tiberio, an elegant, classical restaurant in which the surrounding beauty is the perfect tonic to whet your appetite. You will be made to feel right at home thanks to the welcoming nature and fantastic service offered by its professionals. Furthermore, the menu is so varied that you will be able to choose from any of your favourite dishes. The same goes for the wine, selected from the best vineyards in Spain, France and Italy, which will wash down the exceptional dishes served up in a luxurious setting. How about indulging in the Scottish salmon fettuccine and prawn Thermidor before strolling around the establishment’s gardens, taking in the classic sculptures and immense swimming pool?

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Sukhothai Restaurant


Sukho thai Marbella



A stylish eatery decorated with mirrors and Oriental sculptures serving up the best in Thai cuisine. This is the essence of Sukhothai, an elegant space in which to enjoy Thai style fried sea bream with a spicy sweet and sour sauce or chicken and bamboo Thai green curry, in addition to a plethora of other options. The soups and vegetable dishes are another attraction at this establishment frequented by the crème de la crème of Marbella’s society. A space in which to relax and enjoy a little piece of mind; a genuine must-visit for lovers of fine dining and exclusive hotspots.

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Masala Marbella Restaurant


Masala Marbella


Located on Marbella’s prestigious golden mile, the Masala Marbella Golden Mile is a restaurant in which to revel in Indian spices, an excellent choice if you are a fan of the exotic. The sharing platter comes highly recommended, which includes chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebabs, meat and vegetable samosas and onion bhajis. An explosion of flavours served up by the best Indian restaurant on the Costa del Sol.

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Breathe Restaurant


Breathe Marbella


This restaurant is much more than a simple place to eat well, since its gastronomic concept in the air (sky bar on the terrace), breathe (restaurant, gastrobar and garden on the first floor) and ground (coffee shop at street level) makes it a place where, in addition to dining, you can also relax, socialise, have a drink or simply enjoy a meal made with a great deal of care. The most recommended dish here are its mussels with saffron and fennel sauce.

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Los Marinos José Restaurant


Los Marinos José Marbella


This restaurant is the perfect example of excellent food and little international recognition. It is not easy to find a place today that is dedicated in body and soul, through quality and zero miles produce, to providing an impeccable service focused on making the customer feel at home. Los Marinos José is considered the Temple of Seafood, which is why lovers of seafood have to book a table.

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Arxiduna Restaurant


Arxiduna Marbella



You will find Arxiduna hidden away on the famous, historic Plaza Ochavada de Archidona. The place where this establishment is located is as particular as its gastronomic proposal, since it is located between the galleries of an old 11th century church excavated in the rock itself. If you decide to visit, you will enjoy the flavour of traditional district products presented with avant garde touches, such as molluscs with seaweed and cream of mango, seabass with potato confit, tuna neck in white and coloured lard, arroz submarine and crujiente de represa with gruyere cheese and raw almonds. You will spend an amazing evening at this dreamy place.

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Yerbaguena Restaurant


Yerbaguena Marbella


Yerbagüena Restaurant in Campillos is the point of culinary reference in Guadalteba district. Its chef, Carlos Tirado, is committed to seasonal, zero mile produce so as to offer diners an honest and tasty menu, which is why it is currently one of the most recommended establishments in the north of Malaga province. Among its recommendations, we must say that you have to try dishes as spectacular as tuna tartare, salad of tomato preserve with tuna belly and aromatic herbs, scarlet shrimp filled ravioli and, for dessert, cheesecake with candy floss ice cream.

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Casa Eladio Restaurant


Casa Eladio Marbella


This restaurant located in the heart of Marbella’s old quarter is a concept where the traditions and the history of the restaurant itself come together and are respected with the latest in cooking innovations. Casa Eladio is an example of self-improvement that began as an eatery, eventually appearing in the Michelin Guide.

After undergoing a large renovation and incorporating a more contemporary decor, its owner made the decision to modernise Casa Eladio, incorporating the latest culinary techniques of Mediterranean cuisine, but bearing in mind the place’s beginnings and traditional ambience.

It has a tasting menu, as well as a varied menu of dishes that have led it to be on the list of Marbella restaurants par excellence.

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Maa Indian Cuisine Restaurant


Maa Indian Cuisine Marbella


Gastronomy is an art and foodies are always willing to try new flavours. This restaurant from India makes the most characteristics flavours of its country available to us in Marbella.

Its exotic flavours are the result of different cultures and peoples that come wrapped with the ambience in a warm setting and exquisite decor that makes the experience of enjoying Indian culinary attributes unforgettable.

Maa Indian Cuisine knows the importance of being with family and friends, and spending an enjoyable time together, which is why it brings to its dishes and to its restaurant not only the purest Indian flavour, but also care and love, which have made this restaurant one of the most renowned of Marbella gastronomy.

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Erre & Urrechu Restaurant


Erre & Urrechu Marbella


Cooking meat well is an art within the reach of few. Erre & Urrechu, however, are the masters of the grill and it shows in their restaurant.

In addition to the cosy ambience, the taste in the decorative details make the ambience of this place an added plus to this restaurant’s dishes.

And as there is no good meat without wine, the staff at this Marbella restaurant are well versed in this and have set up a winery to give our palate even more taste.

Its way of understanding grills combined with the importance of choosing good seasonal produce and selecting the best nationally and internationally make Erre & Urrechu, in the heart of Marbella, a culinary experience where the steaks and the customer are the leading players.

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Boho Club Restaurant


Boho Club Marbella


The concept of this restaurant’s chef, Diego del Río, is loaded with innovation and modernisation in its dishes, accompanied by a seasonal gastronomy and fresh raw materials.

Its dishes and tasting menus are all-absorbing and full of authentic flavours that impress everyone and have led to them winning awards, such as appearing in the Michelin Guide or Gurmé Málaga gastronomic awards, among others.

The careful presentation and attention to detail, as well as the atmosphere in which this Marbella restaurant is located, create an experience where the best of haute cuisine is combined with the vibe of the place.

Boho Club’s terrace is a luxury full of gardens and art to enjoy any of the chef’s dishes and even a spectacular breakfast, for which it is recognised as The Best Luxury Hotel Boutique.

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