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Forget about magnets and T-shirts. These Ibiza souvenirs won’t be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. Gastronomic products, hand-crafted items, Adlib fashion and the aromas of the island are just a few of the options you will find when buying gifts in Ibiza. And if you crave a cup … Read More

11 Ibiza souvenirs for you or to give as gifts

Forget about magnets and T-shirts. These Ibiza souvenirs won’t be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. Gastronomic products, hand-crafted items, Adlib fashion and the aromas of the island are just a few of the options you will find when buying gifts in Ibiza. And if you crave a cup afterwards, you can have that too. Leave room in your suitcase, you’re going to need it.

Whether in the street markets, strolling through Ibiza town, on a route through the villages, in a typical roadside grocer or a gourmet shop… You won’t be short of opportunities to find that perfect souvenir of Ibiza to give as a gift!


Typical gastronomic products from Ibiza to buy or give as gifts




Flaó cake Ibiza


This cake is a typical dessert in the gastronomy of Ibiza and is traditionally made to be eaten on Easter Sunday. Today it is prepared all year round and commonly found on the menus of Ibizan restaurants. It is made with flour, egg, sheep’s cheese and mint, and you can buy it in bakeries (La Canela, Can Coves, Vadell, Can Bufí… ) or, if you’re running late, at the airport.






This traditional Mallorcan sweet is also a typical product of Ibiza, so don’t be shy about boarding the plane with a few boxes of ensaimadas. Go for the plain ones or ones filled with angel hair, which are the traditional option. You can find them in bakeries and, of course, at the airport.




Orelletes - credit:


This spongy pastry dessert is traditionally eaten during the patron saint festivities in the villages of Ibiza, and you can find it in many patisseries and food shops. It is made with flour, sugar, aniseed and lemon.






This is undoubtedly one of the classic products of Ibiza that you must buy and try. Unlike Mallorcan sobrasada, Ibizan sobrasada is prepared with a lower fat content and is made with a more coarsely minced pork, usually from noble pieces, including sirloin and loin. You can find it in the butchers and shops of Carnes March, Can Ros, Companatge and Es Cucó, among others, as well as at the Can Muson farm.


Ibicencan herbs


Ibicencan herbs


It will be very difficult for you to leave the island without trying Hierbas Ibicencas, as most of the local gastronomic restaurants invite you to try a shot at the end of your meal. If you liked its aniseed flavour or know someone who would, buy a bottle in any grocery shop, at the airport or in three typical bars whose homemade herbs are known all over the island: Can Xicu, in Sant Miquel; Can Vidal, in Sant Joan; and Casa Anita, in Sant Carles.


Sheep and goat cheese


Cheese Ibiza - Crédito: alessia_penny90 /


The island’s traditional cheese (fresh, semi-dry and dry) are made from sheep’s and goat’s milk, both blended and unblended. A delicious gastronomic souvenir that will undoubtedly make you look good. It is easy to find these homemade cheese in the food stores Companatge located near Santa Gertrudis. And if you love fresh goat’s cheese, then you should buy cheese from Ses Cabretes, a small cheese factory on the island that has revived the artisanal way of making cheese using thistle as vegetable rennet. You will find it at the Producers’ Market of the Sant Antoni Cooperative (Friday mornings).


Salt of Ibiza


Sal de Ibiza - credit:


A handcrafted product that’s part of the island’s history is salt, which has been extracted on the island by Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and, after the Catalan conquest, by the Ibicencos themselves. Harvested in the Ses Salines Natural Park, this important condiment is a perfect souvenir of Ibiza to give as a gift and to treat yourself with. You can find it in food shops, the Las Dalias street market, the airport and gift shops sold by Sal de Ibiza, Salinas de Ibiza, Fluxà and Sal Torres.


Buy gifts in Ibiza: crafts and design


Beach and market baskets


Beach and market baskets


The senalló is a basket traditionally made from palm leaves used by the Ibizan peasantry. It became a typical souvenir of Ibiza as tourism developed on the island. It is very easy to buy them because you will find them in flea markets, roadside grocery shops and various stores everywhere.


Clubber merchandising


Pacha store Ibiza - Crédito: simona flamigni /


All the clubs have their own collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, caps and other merchandising products, which you can buy in their shops in Ibiza town and Sant Antoni, as well as at the airport. Pacha’s proposals never fail: those cherries are a mythical icon that never goes out of fashion.


Colognes, perfumes and soaps with Ibiza scents


Soap shop in Ibiza - Crédito: Ana del Castillo /


The scents of thyme, lavender, sage, rosemary, orange, jasmine, almond and fig will stay with you when you leave the island thanks to the perfumes and colognes of Hierbas de Ibiza and Campos de Ibiza, two local perfumery companies whose products are sold in gift shops and specialised stores. And if you prefer handmade soaps, at the Las Dalias market you’ll find De Angel’s natural products, and soaps scented with lavender or rosemary at the Aloe Vera Ibiza plantation museum.


Adlib Fashion


Adlib fashion Ibiza - Credit: JUNHAO /


Characterised by its use of natural materials and the prominence of the colour white, typical Ibizan fashion is known as Adlib. When you stroll through the centre of Ibiza town, stop by Ad Libitum, Charo Ruiz, Catalina Bonet, Toni Bonet, Bamba Adlib, Pepa Bonett, and Pony (for children)… You’ll find something beautiful for both men and women.




Ceramics Ibiza


The typical craft of Ibiza is ceramics, a deep-rooted tradition in Sant Rafel, the only village on the island that has been classified as an “Area of Craft Interest”. On Thursdays during the summer, there is a craft market in Sant Rafel where you will also find esparto grass and embroidery work. In addition, the island continues to attract many creators of contemporary crafts whose work you will find in the street markets of Las Dalias, Santa Gertrudis, Punta Arabí and Sant Joan.


Original gifts designed in Ibiza


Sluiz Ibiza


The concept-store, Sluiz Ibiza, located on the Ibiza – Santa Gertrudis road, is one of the most fun shops in Ibiza (the surprises start in the car park itself). With a very creative and kitsch touch, many of their fashion and decorations can be very original Ibiza souvenirs.

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Adlib fashion: where to get your Ibiza look

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Other souvenirs you can take from your hotel in Ibiza


Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza rooftop pool


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