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Saint John’s Eve on the Costa del Sol is paradoxical, because on the one hand it is the shortest of the year, but on the other, it is enjoyed with such intensity that it becomes one of the longest. The night of San Juan in Marbella is one of the … Read More

Enjoy the Magic of the Saint John’s Eve in Costa del Sol

Saint John’s Eve on the Costa del Sol is paradoxical, because on the one hand it is the shortest of the year, but on the other, it is enjoyed with such intensity that it becomes one of the longest. The night of San Juan in Marbella is one of the most magical dates on the calendar, so on June 23rd thousands of people of all ages celebrate along the coast of Malaga on the night of San Juan.

San Juan in Marbella is a festivity that you must experience. It is really beautiful to see the mist of the bonfires on the beach, the multitude of people who go into the sea at the same time and feel the festive spirit that floods the whole celebration. For all the above we recommend that if you have the opportunity to spend tonight in Marbella do not miss to enjoy one of the most deep-seated coastal festivals in our country.




Saint John night Marbella


The celebration of this holiday is ancient and different cultures have adopted and adapted it. For example, Celt druids celebrated the summer solstice by making bonfires to ask gods to be favourable to them and Greeks made purifying bonfires to honour the Sun God and Light God.

The Christian tradition comes from the adaptation of the pagan tradition to teachings of the Bible, based on the bonfire that Zechariah made after the birth of his son, John.

Bonfires of Saint John on Wikipedia


Saint John’s Eve


Saint John night Marbella


In this celebration, the fire of the bonfire is used to burn the “Júas,” big rag dolls generally filled with sawdust, made by the neighbours mocking popular personalities. These dolls are burned as a representation of something that needs to be purified and never come back to life. Another tradition well spread amongst students is the burning of their recently finished school year’s books and notebooks; also, there are those who write their wishes on paper to latter burn them or throw them into the ocean so they can come true.

The main and ancient purpose of this tradition was to grant more strength to the Sun; because during summer, the Sun becomes weaker and the number of daylight hours shortens. In ancient times, something only a few people know, nobody could swim in the beach until summer came; so, the fact of going swimming during Saint John’s Eve is a way of purifying and cleaning ourselves from negative energies. Tradition also stated that the weather conditions during this evening are supposed to prevail during the summer.


What are “moragas”?


Saint John's eve bonfire


In the coast of Malaga, the moragas are typical parties that take place at the beach and at night. If you are Andalucian, you are most likely to have heard or been to one of the moragas; but if you do not know what these are, you would probably have heard of them under another name, such as fogueiras or revetlla. Historically, this kind of celebrations were held after collecting the fishing nets. The music and a good vibes helped enjoy the exquisite things that the fisherman caught cooked by fire.

Nowadays, moragas still take place very often at the beaches; but they only keep the ludic and gastronomic aspects of the tradition.


Where to spend Saint John’s eve in Malaga?


Saint John's eve events



The celebration of Saint John’s Eve takes place in almost all beaches in Marbella; but it has a special vibe El Pinillo and El Cable, in these locations, tens of people gather in groups of friends and families.

Another way of having an unforgettable Saint John’s Eve celebration is to go to the city’s most famous and chic beach bars and clubs, such as Nikki Beach, El Trocadero or Ocean’s Club, where special and spectacular parties take place. We recommend you dress in white; this is usually an essential requirement to celebrate the shortest evening of the year.

In addition, the Amare Beach Hotel will welcome the summer with a party, where you can enjoy recognized performances by renowned artists, a music band, fire jugglers, visual shows, bonfires and the typical rituals of Saint John’s Eve.

Celebrate Saint John’s Eve with Amàre bonfire night


Noche de San Juan



Saint John’s Eve in Estepona is celebrated just like in Marbella, in almost all beaches; especially in El Cristo and La Rada.

Other places you could spend a fun Saint John’s Eve are:


  • MALAGA: Saint John’s Eve celebrations are typical in the beaches of the capital and all along the coastline. We suggest you go to La Malagueta or La Misericordia. In these locations, concerts and balls are organized; but only in La Malagueta firework shows welcome the summer.


  • BENALMÀDENA: here, Saint John’s Eve is celebrated at the same time as the Fair of Arroyo de la Miel; thus, you can enjoy the traditional bonfires at the beaches of the municipality as well as all the fun that entails a city fair in the old town.


Saint John night Marbella - Crédito editorial: Calavision /


  • FUENGIROLA: the beach of the Castle of Sohail is the main location on Saint John’s Eve celebration in Fuengirola; it is where a white party takes place. This is a moraga where all attendants enjoy good music and a good atmosphere from 2:00 p.m. on June 23rd to early in the morning of the next day.


  • TORREMOLINOS: all the beaches of the municipality will be filled with the light and colours of hundreds of bonfires, where different “Júas” and bad spirits are burned. In the seafaring neighbourhood of La Carihuela, you could enjoy the party celebrated in the Hermandad de Marineros de la Virgen del Carmen.


  • RINCON DE LA VICTORIA: Saint John’s celebrations will be held along the 8km of coastline. In this location, there are always concerts by local artists and the traditional competition of the ‘Júas’, where associations and community groups of the municipality participate.


Saint John’s Eve traditons (San Juan) Costa del Sol


  • NERJA: Nerja, like the rest of the coastal locations in Malaga, has a great seafaring tradition and, therefore, Saint John’s Eve has a special air along the coast. Each year, a popular festival takes place, with live music until midnight, moment when Saint John’s bonfire is lit up as a preview of the firework show that occurs later on.


It is important to say that these are the most popular parties celebrated along the coast, but it is even more important to highlight that there are bonfires all over the coastline. If you have not lived this experience yet, we recommend you do.


Mysteries, rituals and curiosities of San Juan


Saint John's eve rituals


Every June 23rd, at midnight, the most superstitious people perform rituals to channel the magic energies of this celebration. Here is a list of some them:


  • Pagan origin: Although the festivity is associated with Saint John the Baptist, its origin dates back to ancient pagan celebrations related to the summer solstice. Many current traditions have their roots in pagan rituals.


  • Purifying fire: One of the most prominent elements of the Night of Saint John is the burning of bonfires. It is believed that fire has a purifying and protective power against evil spirits. People jump over the flames or pass personal objects through the fire to purify them.


  • Midnight baths: Another common ritual on the Night of Saint John is bathing in the sea or in rivers and lakes. It is believed that the water on this night has healing and purifying powers. Many people jump waves or swim at midnight to attract good luck and ward off negative energies.


Bonfire (noche de S. Juan) night Marbella


  • Wishes and rituals: During the Night of Saint John, it is common to write wishes on paper and throw them into the bonfire or into the water to make them come true. Rituals are also performed to attract love, prosperity, or health, such as jumping waves seven times or circling the bonfire seven times.


  • Burning of old objects: In addition to bonfires, in some regions, it is customary to burn old objects or symbols of negative things from the past. This is done as a symbolic act of renewal and release of negativity to start a new stage


San Juan, burning wishes


  • Celebrations in different countries: The Night of Saint John is celebrated in many Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, among others. Each place has its own traditions and customs, but they all share the magic and joy of this special nigh


  • Jumping over the embers: In some regions of Spain, such as Catalonia, a tradition known as “correfocs” takes place. During this celebration, people dressed as demons run through the streets throwing fireworks and sparks. Some brave individuals jump over the embers or walk barefoot on them, demonstrating courage and protection.


Saint John night lanterns - Crédito editorial: Petr Pavlica /


  • Medicinal herbs in the Windows – A millenarian tradition of this festivity is going out into the country to pick up medicinal and aromatic herbs that must then be hung in the windows of the houses so that the blessing of San Juan can take effect.


  • Find a clover – It is also traditional in some places to look for a clover during San Juan, as this way you can get love or prosperity. If you find one of two leaves, it will bring you love; if it’s three, it can serve as a good luck charm; if instead it is four, you will receive wealth and love; and you are lucky to find one of five, you are in luck because you will have gotten a powerful amulet to attract wealth.



Tips and Suggestions for Celebrating Saint John’s Eve Safely


San Juan, jumping over embers


  • Safe Location: Choose a suitable and authorised place to light bonfires. Avoid areas with dry vegetation or near buildings.
  • Permits: Check if you need permits to light a bonfire in your area and ensure you comply with local regulations.
  • Distance: Maintain a safe distance between the bonfire and people, houses, trees, and any flammable materials. Never use flammable liquids to start the bonfire.
  • Suitable Materials: Use only dry wood and other safe materials for burning. Avoid burning plastics, metals, or chemicals that may emit toxic gases. Never throw barrels or aerosol cans into the fire, as they contain gases that can explode.
  • Extinguishers and Water: Keep fire extinguishers, buckets of water, or a hose handy to put out the bonfire in case of an emergency.
  • Fire Control: Never leave the bonfire unattended. Ensure someone is always watching the fire.


San Juan burining objects


  • Wind: Take weather conditions into account. If it’s very windy, it’s better not to light a bonfire as sparks can fly and cause fires.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Wear fitted clothing and avoid synthetic materials that can easily catch fire. It is preferable to wear cotton clothing.
  • Alcohol and Fire: If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation and maintain a responsible attitude, especially near the fire.
  • First Aid: Keep a first aid kit on hand for minor burns or other accidents. If someone gets burned, it is advisable to apply cool water to the affected area. Do not apply ointments, creams, or any other disinfectants, and do not remove any clothing that may have adhered to the skin. And remember, for any emergency, call 112.
  • Children’s Safety: Constantly supervise children and ensure they keep a safe distance from the bonfire.
  • Complete Extinguishment: Ensure the bonfire is completely extinguished before leaving the area. Use water or sand to make sure no embers are left burning.


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